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About me

My journey with textiles has led me to many countries, places and communities around the world

A Valais Black Nosed lamb in the Valais Mountains ,Switzerland 

Craft is such an important language to communicate with one another and within ourselves. I am passionate to share that knowledge with others, to ignite an essential creative spark that is inside each and everyone of us. To connect with the world around us and our own personal worlds.


Since my recent move to Fife, I have decided to concentrate on teaching the skills i love and know best. Connecting with nature in my beautiful landscape through growing , foraging and using natural materials for my dyeing. Really getting to know the plants by growing and propagating and of course celebrating their gifts.

Botanical Printing with living materials is a way of capturing a moment in time, imprinting flowers and leaves with special properties onto paper and cloth.


My love of making fish skin leather goes back to my childhood but back then I didn’t have that cultural knowledge of those skills. Sharing this skill brings out ancestral memories. I use fish skins to make leather and colour them with plant dyes. Felt making from sheep wool has been the core of my practise and has led me on many amazing journeys across the world. I try and promote the use of our wonderful local fleeces and teach a wide range of traditional wool skills. Come and share my knowledge at my workshops here in Fife or I am happy to travel to your locality to teach in your local community.


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Liz in Newburgh.jpeg

Spinning in Newburgh

From Florist to Floregilium

A short film by Beyond Bubbled Productions on the creation of the The Highgrove Florilegium in contrast to the riches of nature in The Scottish Highlands 

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